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Buyers Advocate

What is a Buyers Advocate?


A Buyers’ Advocate (or Buyers’ Agent) is a licensed professional who specialises in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. In our role as your Buyers Agent we exclusively represent you as the home buyer or property investor and assist throughout the process of purchasing residential and commercial real estate.


What you can expect from appointing us as your Buyers Advocate:



  1. We will advocate for you during the entire buying process and educate you on the current market conditions.
  2. We will spend some time with you discussing what your needs and wants and what is motivating you to make this purchase.
  3. Help reach your goals while considering your financial restraints and the realities of the current market.
  4. Research properties and set up the inspections with Agents and assist you in narrowing the search until we have identified the top choices.
  5. Handle the negotiation process including the preparation of all necessary forms when making an offer and/or counteroffer.
  6. Provide oversight and follow up for any inspections necessary.
  7. Represent you at closing to ensure that all your interests are protected.


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