What I can do is give you expert advice at no extra cost

That’s right, my services will not cost you any more than the standard negotiated Real Estate Agents fees. I can do this because the Agents I work with share commission. This is regularly practised within the industry.

Once an Agent is selected I negotiate the best commission rate for you and then share that on a basis that provides incentive for all. In addition you will get my personal service throughout the whole process. I am a sole practitioner and never accept more work than I can handle. My guarantee to all Vendors is that I shall use my best endeavours, and considerable experience to achieve a successful sale with transparency, empathy and loyalty.

Avoid the pitfalls and TALK TO US TODAY by calling 0418 500 483 or emailing Brian.

Choosing the right Agent for you.

Once you have appointed me as your Vendor Advocate I will interview three Agents and ask each for a marketing proposal. Often some Vendors have a preference for a particular Agent, but it is important to the successful sale of your property that you get the best deal. Getting three Agents to tell you why they would do a great job ensures that.

Avoid the pitfalls and TALK TO US TODAY by calling 0418 500 483 or emailing Brian.

There are 8 points to successfully selling your property.

  1. Choosing the right Agent for the job.
  2. Selecting the right method of sale.
  3. Good timing. There are good and bad times to sell.
  4. Tailoring a cost effective advertising campaign which best suits your type of property and maximizes its exposure, appealing to all types of buyers.
  5. Good property presentation. I advise on this to ensure potential buyers will be impressed.
  6. Constant communication with the Agent. By filtering negatives, I provide a realistic picture of buyer interest.
  7. Successful negotiation. Obtaining the best price and selling terms are vital to a successful sale. It is the most important duty I will perform for you. I will be there at sale time to advise you on the best outcome.The price must be acceptable and I work hard to help you achieve that. Offers are made through me and I advise you on them, but nevertheless, you make the final decision. The terms must suit your circumstances.You will be moving to another abode.
    – Does the settlement date coincide with your moving date?
    – Will you need temporary accommodation for any gap which may occur if dates do not coincide?
    – Will you need the deposit to buy elsewhere? Early release of the deposit may be necessary.
  8. Your home is sold. So what happens now? I will help where I can to make your move as pleasant as possible.I will give you a list of “things to do” to facilitate your move.

Avoid the pitfalls and TALK TO US TODAY by calling 0418 500 483 or emailing Brian.

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Selling your home can be quite a daunting task especially if you have owned and lived in it for most of your life. It can be a particularly stressful and emotional process as there are many things you have to consider.
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Download 10 Great Tips For Selling Your Property eBook
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Where do you start? 
How do you minimise the emotional, financial and family impact of selling an asset that may have been a familiar friend for years, even decades?

These tips will steer you through a potentially difficult process, minimise the trauma, and maximise your returns.

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