Statewide Property Advocacy is run by Brian Capp and Andrew Sutherland:

Brian Capp is the founder of Statewide Property Advocacy and has over 44 years of experience in Real Estate.

“There’s not much I don’t know about the industry. I established Brian Capp Real Estate (now Statewide Property Advocacy) because I saw my clients’ frustration with their experiences in buying and selling property, and their relief when they finally found an agent who told them the truth about the property they were selling, or about the property they were hoping to buy.

Maybe you’re wondering if a person can be both a Vendor’s Advocate, and a Buyer’s Advocate without a conflict of interest. Here’s why it works:-

As a Vendor’s Advocate I help you find the right agent. That’s not as easy as you may think. Some agents raise your expectations to get your property listing, then play bait and switch games once they have you on their books. I know who these guys are (so it only ever happens once), but you probably don’t!

Basically, once you are with your carefully selected agent they guide you through the process and obtain the best possible price for your property in the shortest possible time, and I’m always there to help you out in difficulties.

As a Buyer’s Advocate I help you find the best property for your needs and budget in the shortest possible time. We discuss your goals and I find you properties that match them. I help manage your expectations, find properties you would never come across, and speed up the purchasing process. You’ll save time by only visiting properties that meet your criteria”.

If you are trying to buy or sell a property I can help you reach your goal faster.  Call Brian Capp on 0418500483 or email to make an appointment. It’s free and it will help you understand your options better.

Andrew Sutherland:

As a Buyer Advocate, I help you discover a suitable property so that you can pursue your interests and enjoy the benefits of capital gains. As a Vendor Advocate I help you achieve the highest price and sell in a timely fashion, ensuring a stress and emotion free selling experience.
When you use a Buyer’s Advocate to purchase property you save both time and money. I have access to properties that never appear on the market and background information that helps my clients get more house for less money and I can speed up your purchasing cycle by only showing properties that meet your criteria.
I also help sellers choose the right Agent for their property. It’s not just a question of which Agency, but also which particular Agent you work with that determines your outcome – both in terms of price and speed of sale. I know the individuals and help you look beyond the listing presentation to reputation and results. We are not tied to any real estate company so we work for you and you only. Whether you are a buyer or seller or investor we will tailor a strategy to meet all of your needs.
Our Services include:
  • Researching properties and finding those that fit your needs and budget;
  • Discovering hidden properties that don’t appear on the general market;
  • Ensuring that there are no hidden problems and the property is as described;
  • Negotiating the lowest purchase price possible for you;
  • Advising you on which Agent to choose to see your property;
  • Providing reasons for your recommendation.
To find out more call Andrew Sutherland on 0413 052 333 or email:

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Download 10 Great Tips For Selling Your Property eBook
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